My Skin Journey

My skin has been a complicated situation for a good few years. I used to have extremely oily skin with a lot of white heads, blackheads everywhere on my face, ears, chest, and back. Know I have hormonal combination skin that changes between seasons with blackheads and ice pick scars. I always used to compare my skin as a cheese grater, I know it sounds bad and a little bit nasty.

I have acne since I was 12 years old, my first pimple was on the tip of my nose. It went really bad when I turn 14, my hormones went crazy and it was showing on my face, chest, and back. My mom used to buy me everything that people use to tell her. I tried proactive, dermatologist, few homemade mask, weird drinks and nothing worked. Then I started going once a month to a spa for facials and treatments. It helped.

Then I turned 17 the lady who I used to go for my facials, disappeared and left the country. My acne started going wild again, that's when I decided to go back to a dermatologist, I was 18 or 19 when I started Accutane medication for 6 months. 

Accutane is a strong pill that helps you remove your acne, with this pill it came with a lot of side effects that it scared a little; But my mind was so set up to use it, I was so tired to have my skin full of acne even though my mom always was there helping me with my self-esteem and I never got sad or ashamed. I always thank my mother because she helped me a lot with my Accutane journey, by always telling me to "Stay Positive", "Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Skin" and "Be Your Self".

Some side effects that I had while taking the Accutane was, my skin was dry everywhere on my body, my hair was thinning, I was always thirsty and all the acne I had under my skin came out. I couldn't wear any makeup because my skin was too sensitive, a lot of skincare didn't work for me. The only thing that I was using was moisturizer and sunscreen.

A few years had passed my skin was doing fine only having pimples on the time of the month, and few blackheads. At the age of 22, I was eating healthy everything was going well

Then I went on summer vacation to the Dominican Republic where my parents were born and I stay there for 2 months. My diet changed fast and it was showing on my skin, I was getting a lot of acne on my neck it was really bad, my acne was coming back and strong.

A year past and 23 years old and my acne is on my upper and lower jawline. I was desperate trying different creams and acne spot treatment that it burned my jawline. My skin was flaky and hot. By hot, I mean It felt like I was having a fever on my jawline.

                            Left                                                           Right 
                                                           June 2016

I stop what I was doing and let my skin rest only using moisturizer, sunscreen & washing my face once a day, also using Korean skincare products. The Korean skin care was helping me with my redness and it was working. 

But I needed more information to see what else I could do for my skin.

In July I started researching online to see what else causes acne and I found an article saying how bad milk is for your skin especially if you have hormonal acne prone skin.

Web sites that helped me understand the relationship between Dairy & Acne:

  1. Acne: Are Milk and Sugar the Causes?
  2. The Science Of How Dairy Causes Acne
  3. Spotlight on... dairy-free
So I started looking for other people's testimony in YouTube of the relationship between Dairy & Acne; after I read all the articles and watched a few videos I decided that I will stop eating and drinking anything that contains dairy. And it helped a lot. 

                          Left                                                          Right 
                                                          July 2016

                           Left                                                           Right 
                                                    November 2016

Know I'm 24 years old and have 5 months that I stop eating and drinking anything that contains Dairy. My stomach feels better, I feel healthier and my skin is changing in a good way. 

It's was a little fast when I decided to change my diet completely. I'm a cheese lover so it was really hard for me and almost everything that I use to buy or eat has milk. So I started reading the ingredient of the products that I was buying and mostly everything contains milk. So it's also helping me to see what ingredients are going inside my body.

Also, I started eating only meat twice a week and two days ago I started to drink wheatgrass & spirulina powder. I heard these two plants are good for acne prone skin to work the inside of your body for they could stop coming out.

In few month I'll do an update on how this powder is working and I'm going to the doctor to take some test to see how are my hormone levels.

On my next post, I'll be talking about my old and new skincare routine. What made it worst and what helped me calmed my skin.

So I hope you guys liked this post it would be nice to hear some of your comments.

Thank you for reading.
-Just Emzs♥

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  1. I had the same story with acne and after stopping drinking and eating milk products my problems magically disappeared after my acne horror story. I have to be even on more strict diet but it's fine to break rules sometimes :))

    Glad to hear you story, you are not alone. Have a nice day~

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Im also in a really strict diet in order for my skin to change.

  2. Your skin looks better now:) great post:)

  3. What the fuck! Sorry for the word but what else I can say?! It´s amazing how your skin got well.


    1. Lol!! It's ok with the word. I use to say the same thing every morning when I use to see a pimple on my face. Yes, it's amazing how your skin changes with a different diet. Thank you so much for reading!


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