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  Hi ^_^!!!

So I'm going to show you know a Japanese magazine called Maquia (even though i don't speak Japanese but i still love it!!!) i took some pictures showing something they have inside!!!
                                                                     <----Front Cover 

     The magazine came with a free makeup brush!!!
It will be nice to use it as a blush brush or highlighting brush.

As you see on the picture ^^^^^^ on top the brush is almost the same size as my work id but smaller then an iPod touch 4.
Inside of the magazine it shows you how to achieve the "cover look" & what makeup they use for the cover.

In this page the makeup that they show is for Blush, Lip, Eye Line, Mascara, Eyebrow & Eye.

  • The Blush is from AUBE couture Designing Puffy Cheek Color 415 - ¥ 2940
  • The Lip is from AUBE couture Excellent Stay Rouge Color RD603 - ¥ 3360
  • Eye Liner is from AUBE couture Color BR712 - ¥ 3150
  • Mascara is from AUBE couture Color BK611 - ¥ 2310
  • Eye Brow is from est - ¥ 3150
  • Eye the eyeshadow that they use is from AUBE couture Designing Impression Eyes Color 551 - ¥ 3885
The makeup designer  who did this cover look is called "UDA".

What about a nice natural look moving cute photo: cute thth721.gif I love this look!!! Simple & cute!!! This is the way to achieve this look!!!

The products that you need to use to achieve this is:
  1. Lip essence from ettusais it has SPF18-PA++ - ¥ 1260
  2. A concealer (but i don't know the brand it doesn't have a label) color 02 - ¥ 4200
  3. Highlighter from AOMW color BE301 - ¥ 6825
  4. LUNASOL eyeshadow color 05 - ¥ 5250
  5. Blush (Im not shore what brand it is but is a brush with blush powder inside) color PK332 - ¥ 3465
  6. Im not shore if it is a highlighter but color is 01 - ¥ 3150
  7. Lip stick or stain from RMK color M 01 - ¥ 2310

Know lets talk about hair!!! Inside of the magazine came a small booklet with nice hair styles for spring and in the back of the book they also put the products they use to achieve this styles.

Styles For Medium Length Hair!!!

Styles Short Hair!!!

Styles For Long Hair!!!

Part Two of the booklet!!!!!! More Styles to Achieve!!!

This is the Product that they use to achieve all this looks. The products are by parts there is a A, B, & C columns and each column have two parts in it Before & After Products. Column A are for the styles that have to stay put for all day, B is for straight hair style and C is for wavy/curly hair style.

"Column A Products": Before starting is the base and they use Tsubaki Water in there Damage Care Line( I love this product!!! I have the Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Mask) & they also have Stephen Knoll New York Collection Hydro Renew Mist EX. Finish with Schwarzkopt osis+ FLEXWAX & Liese Designing Jelly IV......................................................                                              "Column B Products": Before starting is the base and they use Pantene Prov & Lux Finish with Kracie ICHICAMI care & style jelly "Straight Hair Jelly" & L'oreal ELSEVE Extraordinary Oil is a hair enhancer........................                                                                  "Column C Products": Before starting is the base and they use Kracie Prostyle Fuwarie & Kose Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Curl Lotion Finish with Shiseido Macherie Hair Gelee & Kanebo Sala Airy Loose Hair Styling Wax Mist.
 Know Let Show Stuff for Acne there is four pages saying the cause of acne(what i could see), how to put makeup with acne/products they use & acne products.

Cause of acne Lack of sleep & chocolate/sweets

They show four types of concealer/foundation good for acne prone skin, a eye control color and bareMinerals powder.

Good products for you could take care of your skin, And the right way to pop a pimple.

Nail Style for Spring "So Cute"!!!!!


Last but not least "HOROSCOPE" 

Thank you for spending some time looking at my blog sorry i took so long. And stay tune for my next post!!! BYE BYE!!!! 
moving cute photo: cute thth0verdoze-of-dreams.gif

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  1. omg so cute! i wish i can read japanese >_< but pix help alot. nice post ^^

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  6. Omg I love this magazine! ^^ Many inspiration for hair and make up! Thanks for sharing! <3

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  7. I sometimes bought this mag when I lived in Japan :) I miss japanese magazines lol :D
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