May BoxyCharm 2016


BOXYCHARM is a beauty subscription box that sends a box of beauty with 4 to 5 full size item that is worth over $100.00 value for just $21.00 a month. I highly recommend this for you guys to try this out; you could always cancel if you don't like the subscription. This subscription it’s really good if you want to try new thing even from brands probably you never heard of. I started this subscription in December 2015 and I been loving it. I am not affiliated with Boxycharm and I pay for my own boxes. Any opinions stated are mine.

This month theme is Spring Vibes.

Its more than a feeling!

                                              (Sorry of the blurriness of this picture.)

Boxycharm has always have more information back of the card saying what are you receiving, how to apply and how much it cost.

Products in this month's box are:

  1. Make Up Geek Blush - In the color "XOXO" - Full Size - $15.00
  2. Ella + Mila Nail Polish - In the color "Pistache" - Full Size - $10.50
  3. The Brow Gal Clear Brow Gel - Full Size - $20.00
  4. Starlooks Luxe Lip Liner - In the color "Charmed" - Full Size - $19.50
  5. PUR Double Ego-Duo Ended Eyeliner - In the color "Bali" - Full Size - $21.00
  6. Catherine Malandrino in "Romance de Provence Deluxe" - Mini Sprayer 10ml - $20.00

I swatch the double ended eyeliner and lip liner down below.

(PUR Double Ego-Duo Ended Eyeliner in "Bali" & Starlooks Luxe Lip Liner in "Charmed")

I swatch the blush down below.

(Make Up Geek Blush In "XOXO" )

As you could see above the PUR Double Ego-Duo Ended Eyeliner in the color "Bali" it a really interesting color but it will probably look good with black eyeliner. The Starlooks Luxe Lip Liner in "Charmed" it's really pretty and soft. The Make Up Geek Blush In the color "XOXO" it's really pink a little bit to bright for me, ill probably will use this in the winter time, but is not my type of blush that I will buy. The Ella + Mila Nail Polish In the color "Pistache" it's a really pretty mint color, the Brow Gal Clear Brow Gel i haven't try it but the wand looks really good, and Catherine Malandrino in "Romance de Provence Deluxe" Mini Sprayer smells really good, a little bit sweet but is not bad. So I hope you guys like this review and try this subscription tell me your opinion or if you are subscriber and you got something different tell me about it.

Sorry for not posting anything since April but it was my last semester in college and I just graduated on Friday so know I have a little bit more time. So you guys are going to see more of me. See you soon. 

Thank you for reading.
-Just Emzs♥

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  1. Nice box, dear))

  2. I´ve heard about these boxes on this blog, and I still think that it is an amazing idea! But sadly, they don't ship internationally yet :(

    1. I think they will one day, because they started to send to Canada to i think international it's coming next in their list.

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    Yes I would like us to follow each other, I have already started following your blog, and here's mine.

    Thanks and have a great week ahead!

    1. Thank you so much!! & i just followed you too.

  4. Very interesting!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  5. Hey dear,
    I really like your posts and you have great pictures. Would you like to support each other and follow on my social medias?(Google +, Facebook, Instagram. GFC, Bloglovin). I would do the same. That would be so cool, and I hope we stay in touch. :) Sorry if I disturbed you with my comment!

    Greetings, Sophia xx


  6. Love the nail polish color and the lip linear. Cute little products.
    Yes, I would love for us to follow each other. I just followed you :)

    1. Thank You!! Sure ill followed you back!!!

  7. You have such a lovely blog with so beautiful photos and this post has to be my favorite!

    Can’t wait to see the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  8. Looks great!
    Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Just let me know!


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