My HauteLook DAENG GI MEO RI Hair Products Mini Haul!


Hi everyone so I did a small mini haul at I bought 3 hair products from a Korean brand called DAENG GI MEO RI but before I start talking about the products lets talk about HauteLook. HauteLook is a website that is connected with the Nordstrom Company. This is some information from the website below:

"A member of the Nordstrom family, HauteLook is a premier online destination offering limited-time flash sale events at insider prices up to 75% off. Each day at 8 AM Pacific, shop new sale events featuring the best names in women's and men's fashion, beauty, and home décor at up to 75% off. Membership is free and everyone is welcome."

This website when you sign up in the bottom of the page there's a calendar of 3 days saying what brand they are going to show and at what time. They do all types of events for Women, Men, Kids, Home, and Beauty. They show every type of name brand that you may no, Also they show you the original price and the price they are selling it for. For example in the beauty side the name brands I always see is Tarte, Urban Decay, Illamasqua, Lord & Berry, Stila, Lorac, and many more. You just need to have some patience for the brands that you will like to see.

So in this order I bought 3 DAENG GI MEO RI Hair Products they are made in Korea the purpose of this products is for anti-hair loss and damaged hair. I'm going to try this products to see if they really work, I'm having a little bit of problems with my hair so I want to see if this will help me.

The 3 DAENG GI MEO RI Hair Products are (From Left to Right):

  • Herbal Essentials Hair Therapy (Essence)- Original price of $25.00 - Bought for $14.00

From a website called
"It is medicinal herb silk hair essence which helps to make the damaged hair elastic and healthy with vegetable oil according to medicinal herb oil complex prescription. Two layer Silk Care ingredients help to protect your hair from heat treatment damage, nourish your hair and keep it shiny and soft."
  • Herbal Conditioner for All Hair Types - Original price of $25.00 - Bought for $12.00
From a website called
"The medical herbal extract obtained through the process of concentration and aging decocting 8 medical herbal ingredients in a traditional way.  It is differently prescribed depending on the condition of scalp and hair.  It provides nutrition of oriental medicine to the weakened scalp and stressed out hair."
  • Herbal Oriental Black Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo - Original price of $35.00 - Bought for $17.00
From a website called
"Makes hair fuller by intensively strengthening the weak scalp. Medical herbal substances, which have excellent hair protection effects and makes hair darker and younger; revitalize hair; and make hair fuller."

I got the information from because after you buy any products from HauteLook after 2 or 4 days the products they are selling ends so is hard to look for information again.

I opened all 3 bottles and they smell really good and the consistency of the shampoo is really thick, the essence feels really soft and I feel it will give me a lot of moisture to my hair. I will due a update with before and after pictures to see if there's any difference with my hair thickness or length.

So tell me guys what type of shampoo, conditioner, oil, mask or any products you like to use and what is your favorite.

Thank you for reading.
-Just Emzs ♥

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